Caffeine First

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

HEY we still exist!

I'm going to start posting again since I forgot how much I f-loved this place. I wonder if anyone still CHECKS this site. WHATEVER DOUBTERS, I'm ready for action and Cynthia is no doubt ready as well (or at least will be when I pressure her with childish verbal beat downs).

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Caffeine so obviously not first. This blog, I mean.

I don't know if anybody still reads this. But I just remembered this blog existed. Apparently going back to school means a shorter attention span than usual. Life has been very fulfilling these past few months. And by fulfilling, I mean a living hell of tests, studying, and lots of ramen. Well, the ramen part is nice. But the rest I can do without.

What was I talking about again? I have no idea. And why was I posting on this blog? Still a mystery to this point. Apparently I've forgotten the original purpose of this post. But anyway, I'm still alive. Mostly.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Come back!!

Tracy has left California!! California is devastated. However, I do wish Tracy the best of luck in the upcoming school year and hope that Ithaca will be awesomely fun.

And, to spice up this post, a wonderful photo of Jared Leto. Without his shirt on. Which is the way Jared Leto should always dress.

I found this photo on Oh no they didn't, my source of relevant news.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

"That was so not"

Eating at Sona last week was not as fantasmically delicious as the promise of celebrity sightings and pretty people guaranteed. My companion and I decided to play it nonchalant, dressing uber down, complete with college logo t-shirt and casual denim. We thought this would be a subtle sign of our actual worth: socially established enough to ignore dress codes.

Instead we were merely relegated to what I now think of as the Asian People Corner. The companions within our vicinity consisted of a guy who resembled my ex-roommate’s ex-boyfriend (only with worse fashion taste), a girl who wore a scrunchie (dude, I may have been wearing boho shoes made out of cloth but this was just infinitely worse) and another girl who seemed to have found the answer to the question, “Can a handbag actually induce temporary blindness?” Let’s just say the thing had four patterns (leopard, cow print, leather and denim) and leave it at that.

Image hosted by
Course one at Sona meant bread and being a carb-o-phile, I floved it. There was the greasy square one, the scalding hot round one that was super crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside, and finally the giant cheesy stick that essentially tasted like a Cheeze-it.

Image hosted by
Then came my tofu and chicken palate-cleansing thing. It was also good and extremely flavorful for something so compact.

Image hosted by
The lobster risotto was satisfactory and creamy and caused us to consume two giant bottles of sexpensive, distilled water (that they charge us for! Beyotches!).

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Main course. I had the stuffed rabbit, which tasted like sausage

Image hosted by
Evan had the Wisconsin beef, which tasted like the prairie.

It was sad because we both preferred the garnish to the actual entrée. That mashed potatoes with the beef were aweeeeesome okay? As were the carrots (ironically) served with the rabbit.

OKAY HERE’S THE BEST PART: dessert sampler

Image hosted by
It came with strawberry-passion fruit marshmallow, blondie brownie, macaroon, and some other stuff that I can’t remember but that tasted great. I also had espresso, which gave me extended high of 12 hours.

Okay so Sona, which was good by default just because its right across the street from Boulé Bakery and thus able to peddle off Boulé baked/dessert goods as their own. Excessive service as always due to its pricey-ness but the food? Ehhhh. Maybe we just ordered the wrong thing.

Monday, July 25, 2005

the insomnia made me do it

I really, really like this outfit from L.A.M.B. I would totally buy it, if it didn't cost like a billion dollars and if I was a size -2 like the model.

I think I like it because of that giant heart on the miniskirt. Oh, the subtleness of the design.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I need some more cowbell, baby!

Everybody who watches SNL knows that the cowbell skit is the best skit ever. Of course, I know some people haven't seen the cowbell. Therefore I uploaded it to my personal webspace, to better share the joy of cowbell to anybody who actually reads this thing.

More cowbell!
Right click and save for awesome-ness! It's small (4 mb) but nevertheless enjoyable.

I have a research paper due like next week. And class tomorrow, apparently. Hmm laziness.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

This is a tale of woe

It's July 14th. Do you know what this means? This means that in less than two days the world will be gifted with none other than:


Now, now don't judge me until you hear my sad, sad little story. Today started out to be a delightful day. Everything was going perfectly, I'd just eaten my McDonald's meal which was full of yummy fake meat. Until I checked my e-mail. And discovered to my horror that I had apparently pre-ordered TWO copies of Harry Potter. That's right, I'd already placed an order for it from Barnes and Noble way back when. But then I apparently forgot that had ever happened and ordered another copy from a few months later.

Oh my god, so if anybody wants a copy of the book just let me know because APPARENTLY I HAVE TWO. I'm sorry, but I have to end this post now so I can find a knife somewhere to fall on. Or, you know, maybe drown myself in the kitchen sink. So shameful! My mother must never know!